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Case 1 : Carilion Clinic

CASE 1: "Combatting Pandemic Wall" submitted by Carilion Clinic

 About Carilion Clinic: Carilion Clinic is a non-profit health care organization based in Roanoke, Virginia. Through their comprehensive network of hospitals, primary and specialty physician practices and other complementary services, Carilion works together to provide quality care close to home for nearly 1 million Virginians. Carilion Clinic seeks to advance care through medical education and research.

Case Details: Burnout rates for nurses and physicians, or Health Care Workers (HCWs) more broadly, were greater than the general population prior to the COVID-19 crisis. During the pandemic, levels of burnout among HCWs have only increased due to longer work hours, ambiguity about rules and regulations, concerns about availability of personal protective equipment (PPE), and shortages of key resources (e.g., ventilators). In areas that have been hit hard by the pandemic (e.g., Italy, China, and the USA) those numbers may be even higher. The additional challenges of moral distress and even moral injury exacerbate the impact of these factors. During this pandemic response, there is no clear end point, nor is there a clear timeline for response phases.

This feeling of ‘no end point’ has been termed ‘pandemic wall’ or ‘ambiguous loss’. Due to continued variations in the disease itself, alongside of a challenging vaccine roll out, the ‘end’ remains unclear. In addition, it is increasingly important for individuals to continue to mask, social distance and be safe, even after administration of the vaccine.

Your task is to develop an intervention that can help exhausted clinicians communicate to and ensure safety behaviors are occurring (e.g. washing hands, wearing a mask, staying home when feeling sick) with their patients and colleagues on a just-in-time, user-tailored way. Use of human centered design principles is critical, as the target user group is both clinicians and ultimately the lay public. Please consider dissemination and implementation challenges as well in your intervention development.

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