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University Track 2014

Each university or institution that is sending a student team to compete in the Global Student Challenge is expected to send at least one faculty or staff member to participate in the University Track during the Global Partnership Week.  This option is intended for university senior staff and/or faculty delegates charged with building institutional bridges to other universities around the globe. While in Roanoke and Blacksburg, attendees will have the unique opportunity to participate in university-to-university networking opportunities hosted by Virginia Tech, and to gather for cooperative brainstorming sessions and best practices exchange. 

Faculty/staff will receive special rates for hotel lodging at The Inn at Virginia Tech and the Hotel Roanoke, and are included in some meal-time events, but will, unfortunately, not be fully subsidized.  You should contact the hotel in advance to arrange your own personal lodging, as space does fill up quickly starting in early July. Learn more about how to make your lodging and transportation reservations.

Watch this video to learn more about the Global Partnership Week! View the 2014 University Track Agenda.

Benefits to participating include:

·   Roundtables that explore and facilitate multi-university cooperative arrangements
·   Brainstorm sessions to exchange best practices
·   Overview of Virginia Tech and introduction to university executives
·   Celebratory meals and banquets with global students and faculty
·   Downtown Roanoke attractions and shopping
·   Admission to the Global Student Business Concept Challenge and Awards Banquet
·   Opportunity to network and partner with other Universities
Annual Roundtable, Tuesday, August 19, 2014:
Virginia Tech Outreach and International Affairs hosts an annual roundtable, where University Partners are given the opportunity to exchange information and provide an update about new innovations and initiatives being conducted at their institution. The purpose of this session is to dedicate time to learn about each other, in hopes of future collaboration and partnership among all University Partners.
Each University should prepare a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation that includes:
·   a brief overview of your University
·   new initiatives and innovations from September 2013 - August 2014
·   status of the various entrepreneurship programs and business incubation practices at your University
·   nomination process of your student team for the Global Partnership Week

Presentations should be saved on a USB drive and brought to the roundtable. Please also send the presentation in advance to info@vtkwglobal.com.