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University Track 2013

Each university or institution that is sending a student team to compete in the Global Student Challenge is expected to send at least one faculty or staff member to participate in the University Track during the Global Partnership Week.  While in Blacksburg, Virginia, designated faculty or staff members have a unique opportunity to participate in university-to-university networking opportunities hosted by Virginia Tech, and to gather for cooperative brainstorming sessions and best practices exchange. 

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Benefits to participating include:

·   Roundtables that explore and facilitate multi-university cooperative arrangements
·   Brainstorm sessions to exchange best practices
·   Overview of Virginia Tech and introduction to university executives
·   Celebratory meals and banquets with global students and faculty
·   Downtown Roanoke attractions and shopping
·   Admission to the Global Student Business Concept Challenge and Awards Banquet
·   Opportunity to network and partner with other Universities
·   Excursions beyond our local region

The VT Office of Outreach and International Affairs will be hosting University Partner roundtables and networking sessions on Tuesday, August 20, 2013. Each University should prepare a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation on an overview of YOUR University and its programs, in particularly its entrepreneurship programs. The content of this presentation should include how entrepreneurship is integrated into your University (highlight the various programs), including the business incubation practices within your institution, and how your students develop their presentations and get nominated for the Global Partnership Week. Please save your presentation on a USB drive to bring to this event on Tuesday. The purpose of this session is to dedicate time to learn about each other, in hopes of future collaboration or partnership.

Faculty/staff will receive special rates for hotel lodging at The Inn at Virginia Tech and the Hotel Roanoke, and are included in some meal-time events, but will, unfortunately, not be fully subsidized.  They should contact the hotel in advance to arrange their own personal lodging. Please contact the VTKW staff if you have any questions. 

Learn more about the University Track Agenda and Registration.